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rushlight75: (~quill)

Rushlight's Musings

Dreams want to be real...

This journal contains content only suitable for those over the age of 18.

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Created on 2009-05-07 02:14:38 (#307995), last updated 2017-07-14 (14 weeks ago)

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Website:The Bard's Den

Who I Am

I'm Rushlight, a slash writer who is currently involved in far too many fandoms. I usually enjoy a healthy dose of angst with my romance, and this shows up in my writing more often than not. I've been known to post original fiction on occasion under the name J.A. Jaken, some of which has been published. I love animals and tend to gush about my pets at length on a regular basis. I adore dragons, epic fantasy novels, and everything medieval. Darkfic is my guilty pleasure in fandom, although I generally prefer some kind of happy (or at least hopeful) resolution at the end of it all.

For those who are here to see an age statement, I am over 18 years old.


My Fandoms

So far the fandoms I've written in are Star Wars TPM, Due South, Harry Potter, Smallville, The Sentinel, The X-Files, Dragonlance, VampChron, Final Fantasy III (or VI, depending on your area of the world), Whose Line is It Anyway?, Criminal Minds, Supernatural, and even a wee little crackfic featuring Pleakley/Jumba from Lilo & Stitch. My newest love is Naruto (and pretty much anime in general).


Caveat Lector

This journal contains adult content. Furthermore, said content will most likely include romantic and sexual relationships between fictional male characters. At times those relationships tend to be rather dark in nature. So if that's not something that interests you, or if you're underage, please pass this journal by.


Where Else You Can Find Me

All of my fiction can be found on my website here: The Bard's Den

I can also be found here:

rushlight @ livejournal
rushlight @ insanejournal

As well as my Japanese journal where I'm attempting to muddle through the challenges of learning the Japanese language:

nihongodesu @ insanejournal
nihongodesu @ livejournal

Original Fiction

I publish original fiction under the name J.A. Jaken. If you're interested in following any of my original writings, you can find me here:

My website (
jajakenfiction @ livejournal
jajaken @ insanejournal
jajaken @ dreamwidth


i'm in ravenclaw!

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